Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy looking at the paintings. These range from portraits to works arising from trips to India and Eritrea. My response to colour and light is the unifying theme. Over the past few years I have been making Collections. This does not refer to ownership of the paintings but to the idea of collecting images of particular subjects, a rather diverse lot, that for some reason I find worth recording and making paintings of. These include Silver, Daughters, Socks, Aeroplanes and Buildings In The Landscape. They are continuously growing and can be added to at any time. I’ll describe my approach to two of these collections; Buildings in the Landscape – What makes them interesting to me is not so much the architecture itself as the combination of architecture and environment at a specific moment. This often involves a surprising quality of light, or a particular marriage of nature and structure, as in the painting of the half-timbered cottage enveloped in a blanket of acid yellow rape. I do not go out in search of these subjects but enjoy accidentally coming across them and adding them to my collection. Silver – The silver paintings started out as part momento mori, part social comment but have changed over time,to become much more a commemoration and celebration of a family life that is now over. When I called the original series of paintings “The Family Silver” the title was ironic. Silver used to be something you could sell off when you were in financial need but what for generations had represented gentility and wealth is now almost worthless and a chore to look after. Mustard pots and cruets, sugar shakers and toast racks all belong to a more gracious age of formal meals and polished dining room tables. Painting silver, it turns out, presents all sorts of difficulties with its chameleon quality of changing according to its surroundings. One of the continuous challenges is trying to capture its shifting surface without including a reflection of myself, my easel and the studio window. I wanted to portray each piece of silver dispassionately as if it had been separated from its former life and was listed in an auction catalogue, but I find it impossible to paint them with that degree of objectivity.


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I organise walks through the same landscape as painted by the visionary artist Samuel Palmer (1805-1881). I have a great love for the works he created during the time he lived in Shoreham in Kent. You can join me as we immerse ourselves in the landscape, discuss his life and work and take in the wonderful views of this still unspoilt valley.

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